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Welcome to the Official Rican Havoc Website! (Site Updated 4/29/07)


We Apologize Rican havoc website is getting a face lift and will be updated with a whole NEW look. So now thats out the way here we go with our news ! 

Damn Thats Wrestling NJ - will be having their next show in June!

XW / NAW PA - is also looking to make a return but will be joining forces DTW-NJ & RCW-FL . This should be a very interesting Wrestling Monopoly.

Funkdafied Wrestling Federation DE - Is a great Promotion with a Old School Attitude. Their next event is early July in Wilmington,DE 

Regional Championship Wrestling FL - Will be making its way back to PA More details coming soon.

World Professional Wrestling PA - Next Event is June 9th Reading,Pa

Take notice the NEW RICAN HAVOC group pic will be up soon are branching out all over the United States.

Rican Havoc Birthdays
5-Moe Frost

28-Chio Frost

4-JC Static

18-Jocelyn Frost

27-Bodacious Pretty Boy

21-Angelina Frost

Rican Havoc Accepting Application !

If you are a woman and think you are HOT enough for Rican Havoc send us a Bio on yourself and some Pictures if we accept you we will send you a form to fill out. Please complete and return to us via Email... or at any event that we might be at in person.

Rican Havoc Fan Club !

Join Rican Havoc members MySpace pages. Links Coming Soon......

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Rican Havoc Honors former WWF Intercontinental & Tag Team Champion Tito Santana

***Disclaimer: Rican Havoc would like to remind you that its Superstars are trained professional athletes. You should never try to emulate what they do in and out of the ring.

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