"The Nortorious B.I.G" Moe Frost
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Its a Puerto Rican thing You won't understand !

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Under Construction

Managers/Tag Teams

Manager(s) Past and Present:Vince Bono and Hard Core Kitty

Favorite Wrestler(s) to Tag with: JC Static,Vince Bono, Chio Frost(Rican Havoc) &Jo Jo

Toughest Opponent(s):

Under Construction

Finishing Moves:

Spine Buster, Final Destination (Angle Slam) & Frost Bite (Hart Foundations Hart Attack)

Professional Wrestling Education:

Body Slams Pro Wrestling Training Center
Damian Kane, Chio Frost, Ray Torres & Jeff Grippley (1993 to 1994)

NAW's Battle Ground Pro Wrestling Acadamy
Chio Frost (1995 to 1999)

"Titles Held"
EGW Tag-Team w/Chio Frost
"Professional Wrestling Employment"

(1)National Alternative Wrestling aka Rated X Wrestling
(2)Southern All Pro Wrestling
(3)All-Star Profesional Wrestling
(4)Regional Championship Wrestling
(5)Atlantic Championship Wrestling

(6)Professional Outlaw Wrestling
(7)Main Event Pro Wrestling/MEPW
(8)Real American Wrestling

(9)Wild Independent Wrestling Federation
(10)Kentucky All-Star Wrestling Alliance

(11)World Wide Wrestling Alliance
(12)Elite Generation Wrestling
(13)World Professional Wrestling